KAYO Metal Group works on the sales of metalworking products sales, as well as recycling, import / export, food business, and more.





営業部 山崎 幸二#

I consider today's Japan as the time of revolution after The Meiji Restoration. I am trying to establish new business with global perspective and sense while doing business operation which defies the boundaries of existing metal operation. I tackle my work wishing that I am held in esteem as "this is the work he accomplished" by people related in various kinds of work/private. Also, I dream that I will develop environment-friendly products, do business operation that related to the product development which is useful for Japan, and make everyone happy.


営業部リーダー 今尾 隆弘

I am charged with Tono are in Gifu, Shinshu are. My main job before was to sell SUS/AL materials, but I specialized my work to sell processed products which have something extra in a changing world.

At first, I had no experience and made lots of mistakes, very busy with handling complaints. But I change these experiences to my knowledge by visiting to processing factories and now it has become something that is very precious for me. I try to use processing network by making use of my own experiences, engage in from the design stage as much as possible, propose, and create a product with customer.

I also try to communicate with customers with a wide range of knowledge and information when I handle processing products. Then, I come to get unexpected consultations and introduction, which can exchange much information with customers spontaneously.My business operation has become a lot more fun by getting my communication ability, and I think I myself am growing little by little




営業部 長谷川 裕司

I am doing business operation, including the sales of materials (stainless, aluminum).Especially I put a focus on processed products, and create a product together with user. I do my work with the feeling that everyday is a learning experience. In addition, I make an effort to make customers happy in terms of cost, deadline, etc., and grow myself.
My motto is
enjoy my life (both work and private)!



営業部 山岸 直記

My main job is to do sales and marketing of stainless/aluminum/copper. I am making effort every day to propose materials and process which meet customers request.
Work globally, play globally!!
And, I want to marry as soon as possible (laugh) !!





営業部 若井 麻里

My main job is to accept/submit orders from customers support a sales job, handle expense sheets. I want to increase my knowledge about sales and marketing, and be able to correspond to inquiries.
My little dream is
to enhance both job and private every day!
And, I would like to do home garden in my dream house.




営業部 奥田 政昭

My job is to make materials which are ordered to be processed to products by cut, chamfer, hole, and threading. I am always trying to develop new products which meet customers needs, produce higher-quality products and supply them to the market, improve the future of company/challenge spirit/developmental technique/quality preservation/quality, when I work.





営業部 尾関 公貴

I deliver materials stocked from the manufacturer to meet the deadline, and pick up materials from processors and deliver them to customers. Also, I sort/pack processed products which were picked up from processors. My dream is clearmy family live in happiness. Therefore, I have to grow our company more and more.
I will do my best with working together!




営業部 石原保

My primary job is to deliver products and merchandise management. I deliver ordered products to customers with gratitude. In addition, I manage our inventories such as stainless/aluminum. My dream is to live longer than my wife, even one day. And I want to be a father who is said I am great to be a child of you from my child!
I will do my job efficiently with great passion in the future. Also, safety first!