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Privacy policy

KAYO Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "we") consider that it is societal responsibility to recognize the importance of protection of personal data, observe laws, protect personal data with great care. We set down privacy policy, comply with it, and treat it strictly to put our customers at their ease.

1. Obtain a personal

We define the purpose of use of personal data (hereinafter referred to as "intended use") in advance when we receive the personal data from customers. However, we may skip the disclosure of intended use in the following circumstances;

When we gain customer's personal data by contact from our web site/phone/FAX/E-mail etc,. When we gain customer's personal data by changing business card etc,.

2. A range of personal data

When we receive the personal data from customer, following contents are included usually.

Name/Company name/Contact information (phone number, FAX number, E-mail address, etc,. When contact by E-mail, address is also needed) Personal data of applicant when customer and applicant is different.

3. Intended use of personal data

We use your personal data within a range of following purposes:

To register as a customer who contact by phone/E-mail. To give our services such as sending E-mail, informing events, etc,. To make contact with customers.

4. Disclose personal data to third person

We will not disclose the personal data which were given by customers to any third person with the exception of the following circumstances:

when customer agreed to disclose / when related agency demanded to disclose by law.

5. Disclose personal data to third person

We may disclose the personal data to agent as occasion demands.

6. Safety control of personal data

We place supervisor and handle the personal data appropriately. We will not let them out to outside.

7. Protection of personal data in hyperlink destinations

We will not take any responsibility for the security of personal data on linked website. Regarding protection and handling of personal data on linked website, please make sure each privacy policy of linked website.

8. Change of this priivacy policy

We will notify updated information on our website in case of any changes in obtaining/range/intended use etc, of personal data of customers.