KAYO Metal Group works on the sales of metalworking products sales, as well as recycling, import / export, food business, and more.


KAYO Metal Group


CORPORATE NAME Seino Material Co., Ltd.
ADDRESS 1-125-1 Higashiuzura Gifu-City, Gifu
TEL 058-368-2058
FAX 058-368-2059
PRESIDENT Yukihiko Yamagishi
FOUNDATION October, 1991
CAPITAL $100,000-
BUSINESS LINE manufacture, assembly and sell of water parts


CORPORATE NAME KAYO Metal Ōno Center Co/. Ltd.
ADDRESS 1-125-1 Higashiuzura Gifu-City, Gifu
TEL 058-268-2036
FAX 058-268-2037
PRESIDENT Yukihiko Yamagishi
FOUNDATION October, 1991
CAPITAL $100,000-
BUSINESS LINE Sell/manufacture of non-ferrous metal



営業部 小椋 英幸

As a proposal-style company, my job is to act with putting emphasis on cost/delivery/quality to make customers glad. I want to work together with all of our staff to develop KAYO Group as an attractive company from now on. Therefore, I express my appreciation to customers and make contact with them enthusiastically.


営業部 若原 裕司

My main jobs are product management of order from Mirai Industry Co.,Ltd./delivery to outsourcer/pickup.
I want to become a force of the company as much as possible with making the greatest possible contribution.
And I am engaged in my jobs so that the works at Ohno center go smoothly.
My personal dream
I hope our kids baseball team will become a representative for Gifu City, and take part in the national competition. I want to share a joy with kids. 


営業部 山崎 幸二

My main job is to deliver water service apparatus parts to Mirai Industry Co.,Ltd.
I do my job thinking what I can do for company development every day.
In addition, I seriously consider what I should do to make my customer glad.
My hobby is fishing and I want to make a big hit this year.


営業部 林 紗姫

My main jobs are accepting/shipping orders, dealing with phone inquiries/expense sheets.
As a part of the company, I take my job now with the feeling that
I want to grow every day by turn my attention not only to myself but also to the people around.
My dream
I want to go to various places because I love travel. And, I want to have a lovely family soon. 


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