KAYO Metal Group works on the sales of metalworking products sales, as well as recycling, import / export, food business, and more.




KAYO Co.,Ltd. is a trading company that handle non-ferrous metal such as aluminum, and, metal/resin products. We provide many services from ordering materials to supplier such as non-ferrous manufactures, requesting design, choosing of subcontract factory, to delivery. We can propose most suitable plan for you. Please feel free to consult with us.


We have started to handle products that are needed to the recycling of some equipment, for example, which crush tires and woods to small chips.


As trading company, we import various kinds of products mainly from Asian countries, and export various kinds of domestic products. Our main exports are automotive parts, and main imports are lost-waxes which are manufactured in China. We turn our attention to the outside world in order to offer the products that meet the needs of customers.


We also focus on food. We will treat the various food / products and expand these sales. For example, we are planning to develop curry restaurants, sell coffee beans, in China.