KAYO Metal Group works on the sales of metalworking products sales, as well as recycling, import / export, food business, and more.



代表山岸がカヨウ金属を語る カヨウ金属について

代表取締役 山岸 幸彦

I became independent from salaried worker. I have been thinking that nothing will change if doing the same things as before, so I want to establish new company which has something new, something different
Therefore, KAYO Metal Group is on the way to build up new distribution system.
We propose something better for user with our advantage, proposal knowledge, and establish new business line with using the network of KAYO Group.
Stronghold of the sales is the world.
I think our business area is not only in Japan but also overseas, especially Asia.
KAYO Metal Group is a kind of trading company, so I think we can challenge with various kinds of things.
We can establish so many things by construct a network with various kinds of people/company if needed. This is our superiority.
We go on with the feeling that our area is the world.


I hope that younger staffs do business in a positive way and go to various places including overseas.
Working only in the local area is not good.
In addition, I want them to tackle a task with definite dreams or hopes.
I want them to really enjoy their job by seeking and creating satisfying jobs. Its their life. Its their job.
Also, I want to raise them as the staff who can consider how they should hand down the business to the next generation.
KAYO Metal Group has younger staffs that can do these things.


代表取締役 山岸 幸彦

I want users to take up our flexible system well.
Most customers are manufacturer, so I know changing is difficult, but I hope we can help the customers to embark on a new stage by proposing an opportunity or some new things.
I hope we can do business with companies such as trying something new at all times.

Our mission for future is to give companies which have a desire for change to a lot of proposal and information.
Our business area is whole entire world, and it is important to collect information in a wide range of areas as far as possible.
Collecting information all over the world is essential.


We established market development department 3 years ago and started to operate it as a new field. We want to focus on this field after next year.
Immediate goal is to establish business in Asia.

We bring many things from overseas as trading company. We research and collect information such as which country is better to bring the things required by domestic users, and then offer the most appropriate things to customers, for example.
 In addition, we want to firmly expand the business by exporting Japanese good things as information so that we can act as a bridge between overseas companies  which require Japanese things
If needed, it
s good to make combined companies with local firm in China or Vietnam, as major area, for the future.



創造・チャレンジ・投資 カヨウ金属は、創造・チャレンジ・投資のそれぞれの連続性の中に起業の成長があると考えます。


Company Name KAYO Metal Group
Representative Yukihiko Yamagishi
Address 1-125-1 Higasiuzura Gifu-City, Gifu
TEL 058-216-1760
FAX 058-216-1762
Foundation October, 1991
Capital $100,000-
Fiscal Term March
Workforce 12 people(as of March, 2009)
Business Line manufacture and assembly of non-ferrous metal
Bank of Account

Juroku Bank Kakamigahara Branch
Sekishinkin-Bank Kakamigahara Branch


Aluminum, Stainless, Brass, Processed-Product KAYO Metal Group

Oct, 1991

Establish KAYO Metal Group Co.,Ltd. in Kakamigahara City
Set up wholesale business of non-ferrous metal material

Apr, 1996 Open the department of processed product
Oct, 1999 Spin off the department of processed product into a separate company
Establish Seinomaterika company in ibi-gun ohno-cho
Jan, 2001

Spin off the department of process(aluminum)product  into a separate company
Open KAYO Metal Group/Ōno Center Co.,Ltd

Apr, 2007 Start middle-term business plan(5 years)
Aug, 2007

Open department of market development

Apr, 2008 Open export business
Mar, 2009 Start export business(Thailand)
Complete the headquarters of KAYO Metal GroupCo.,Ltd.
Jun, 2009

Relocate (to Higashiu, Gifu-City)

Sep, 2007

Add processing equipment
Relocate (to Higasiuzura, Gifu-city)

Seinomaterika Company
KAYO Metal Group/Ōno Center Co.,Ltd.